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Consulting and service levels

Overview: creative communication

dna creative's business is creative communication. While visual design is a critical component of this, words and 'tone of voice'; brand values and 'vibe' (both reputational and associative); atmosphere; service experience and fulfilment; are of equal importance.


While many traditional design functions have migrated online in the form of free or subscription-based design templates, providing time and cost-effective solutions for design 'users' small and large, such services can be counterproductive if not used well, or not backed up by solid communications strategy and 'design thinking' principles.

Working across diverse industries and sectors, we have built up immense experience as to which creative communications strategies are effective in a fast-changing and sometimes bewildering world of digital, social, environmental and traditional media. The insights gained in the world of banking and financial services may be useful to the world of the performing arts and vice versa, just as the experience of devising and delivering a viral campaign for a niche advocacy organisation may offer insights of value to a global corporation. In all our work discretion, diplomacy and cultural sensitivity is assured, along with a nuanced understanding of the unique conditions and cultural  factors affecting clients in different territories and socio-political contexts.


dna creative works at a number of levels in response to for different kinds of client briefs. These can be broadly defined as:


1. Full service design agency (retainer basis)

Consulting, strategy, marketing/media co-ordination and provision of design and production services across online, spatial, print, screen and exhibition/event media. This can apply to a particular project or campaign, or to the client's full range of visual communications and media production requirements. This service approach is usually in response to a well-defined brief and scope of work defined by the client and budgeted over a recurring or progress payment schedule.

2. Specific design and creative services , with or without media production (fee-for-service basis).

Provision of creative services encompassing concepts, naming, copywriting, imaging, motion graphics across across online, spatial, print, screen/motion and exhibition/event media. This can encompass full media production to launch, or provision of key content and templates for internal or third party implementation. This service level may involve new research and recommendations, however it is more usually a response to an existing inventory of work, discussed with and agreed with client, budgeted over a short to medium-term schedule, on a one-off or non-recurrent basis.

3. Consulting, reports and recommendations only (quoted fee basis).

Provision of high-level research, analysis, recommendations and creative communications proposals across online, spatial, print, screen and exhibition/event media. The emphasis here is on defining the client organisation's problem or issue area, and qualitative research is frequently a component of this level of work. dna creative does not conduct research itself, but usually works with a third-party specialist, in consultation with the client. This level of work frequently entails a staged series of consultations with change managers and leadership teams, leading to a confidential final report. This final report will usually contain broad recommendations for creative communications, including implementation options and strategies, however if required may also encompass detailed creative and conceptual development.


We have worked for many years with leadership teams, CEOs and communications directors across cultural, events, corporate, professional and government sectors in Australia, Europe and the Americas. We work predominantly in the English-speaking world, however resources and translation are available in French, Spanish Bahasa Indonesia and Cantonese.


For personal attention in the consulting sphere, please make your enquiry Attention: David Corbet, in confidence, using the form on the contacts page.

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