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credentials, fees and billing

dna creative

dna creative is a registered trading name of Design Nation Pty Ltd, which was incorporated in November 1995. It is an Australian-owned private company based in Sydney NSW.


ACN: 070 710 806

ABN: 23 070 710 806


Please contact us for details of our bankers, solicitors and accountants.


Our mission: strategic communications solutions

dna creative is a multi-disciplinary graphic design consultancy working across print, interactive, architectural/environmental and televisual media, and has earned a national reputation for its work across the arts, corporate, government and professional sectors.

Our mission is to create memorable, distinctive and effective communications that get noticed and deliver clear business or campaign outcomes for our clients.


We’re problem solvers. Whatever the size of client, whatever the budget and whatever the communications needs, we’ll find a strategic solution that meets these requirements, and implement it from concept to finished product. Our thinking will always be fresh, innovative and realistic, based on many years combined experience in the marketplace, and the knowledge that each client is unique, with its own vision of itself.


Professional standards

dna creative adheres to the professional standards and practices defined by the Design Institute of Australia (DIA), which is the peak body for Australian professional designers in Australia, and is affiliated to ICOGRADA (International Congress of Graphic Design Associations).


Guarantee of service

dna creative has a strict policy of estimating all required work in advance, on a transparent estimated hours basis, for approval by the client before work can commence.


In some cases such estimates will include a specified rate for authors corrections over and above the standard three sets of proof changes factored into all estimates. In the case of extremely complex projects where the scope of work is not able to be fully defined, a contingency percentage may be proposed and agreed in advance with the client.


Once agreed, dna creative will (except in the case of extensive changes to scope of work covered by the above provisions) guarantee delivery of all required work within the agreed budget and timeframe. We have a national (indeed international) reputation for doing so and are generally happy to sign any specific contractual undertaking to this effect.

See: Terms and Conditions

Remuneration essentials

dna creative will bill fees and costs on a monthly basis, usually on completion of projects, except where projects extend over several months, or several related projects are running concurrently over a long period. In such cases we will propose monthly progress payments or a scheduled retainer system. Out of pocket supplier costs are billed monthly in arrears, in itemised fashion, and a 10% markup is added to such costs paid through our own trade accounts. Clients may often wish to settle such agreed costs direct with suppliers, saving the 10%. A 5% service charge to the bottom line is standard, but this may be waived if payments are made according to a scheduled retainer regime.


Experience and track record of success

dna creative has worked on many projects of similar scale and complexity for both global and national organisations, and has a strong track record of working closely with clients, other creative and technical consultants and suppliers to deliver winning communications solutions.


We have wide experience of both creation and implementation of effective branding guidelines, understanding unique corporate values, and expressing these values thematically through a lucid and elegant visual hierarchy, implemented across multiple platforms, from architectural graphics through print and screen-based media. We have strong analytical and research skills, and our reporting, scheduling and liaison is meticulous, thorough and transparent.


Creativity and design excellence

dna creative has an international reputation for its multi-disciplinary creative design across environmental, brand, print and screen-based media, and brings a passionate originality to all its work. We have featured in many exhibitions and design articles over many years, and received many commendations and awards, but we are happiest when we receive accolades from happy clients, of which there are many.


Collaborative culture, responsive service ethos

dna creative is highly collaborative in its approach to ideas, communication, information-sharing and implementation. We are used to working at the highest levels with clients in a multi-stakeholder, joint-service environment, and are responsive and diplomatic in our approach to presentation, discussion, trouble-shooting and quality control.


Competitive, transparent fees basis

We have a reputation for competitive but realistic fees and costs, and work hard to keep our billing and reporting transparent and free of surprises.


We try harder

We are excited by the opportunity, and as a relatively young firm, we need to work harder and be more original than many of our larger and longer-established competitors.

Design disciplines and services

Corporate and brand identity design

  • corporate logotype and image development

  • implementation strategies and guidelines

  • corporate livery design

  • corporate literature and annual report design

  • design, redesign and positioning of brands, products and services

  • packaging and point of sale design

Architectural, environmental and exhibition design and imaging

  • Interior and architectural graphics and signage design

  • environmental graphics and signage design

  • exhibition systems and special effects design

  • interactive exhibit design

  • banner and special event graphics

Creative imaging, illustration and picture creation

  • ideas and concepts

  • illustration, cartooning and drawing

  • picture research & editing

  • retouching and image manipulation

Marketing and advertising design

  • strategic design for marketing

  • advertising and awareness campaigns

  • brochures and literature design

  • direct mail campaigns

Typographical and publication design

  • book, magazine and newspaper design

  • typeface and typographical systems design

Design for interactive and online media

  • multimedia and website design and development

Art direction

  • art direction of photography, videography and illustration

Writing and editing

  • creative copywriting for advertising and marketing campaigns

  • corporate literature, brochure and annual report copy and editing

Television, video and film design and special effects

  • storyboards and visuals

  • digital effects and motion graphics for print, broadcast and film

  • non-linear editing

Project management

  • budgeting, quoting and production administration

  • quality control

  • materials, paper and print consultancy


Outsourced production services

  • Casting and contracting of talent

  • DVD authoring and publishing

  • Construction documentation and supervision

  • Film separations, proofing and printing

  • Model-making and prototypes

  • Music composition and production

  • Photography, videography and cinematography

  • Photographic processing & special effects

  • Special environmental projects, sculptures, lighting

  • Video and film editing, post-production, mastering and duping

  • Website technical development and hosting solutions

  • Translation

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